It has actually been very surprising that Donald Trump has been leading the Republican polls in the 2016 race for presidency. Originally, many thought that Trump was running as a joke or that he would drop out of the race, but this is clearly not the case. People are actually voting for him while there are still others who are comparing him to Hitler. Shockingly, he has been the leader in the state of Ohio, which is where nominee John Kasich is the governor. How might this effect Kasich moving forward?


Kasich trailing

Early voting has begun and new poll results show that John Kasich is actually trailing Trump in his own state. Trump is leading with 31% of the vote, followed by Kasich with 26%, Ted Cruz with  21% and Marco Rubio with 13%. The governor of Ohio has been campaigning for months and needs to win Ohio. He has received a boost in his campaign which was noticed when finishing second during the New Hampshire primary. In the past, no Republican has won a presidential nomination without winning the state of Ohio. This is one of the many reasons Kasich hopes he can get more votes to beat out Trump, especially since he is somewhat close, and there is not a huge gap in Trump's lead.


Advisers working to give Kasich the momentum he needs

Kasich's advisers have been working on his campaign to implement a plan of attack against Marco Rubio, since Rubio has done some great work over the past couple of weeks. The next three weeks will be crucial for Kasich and the GOP primary process. Their strategy will allow Kasich to get a chunk of the delegates in Michigan come March 8th, and then win Ohio on March 15th. During this time  Rubio will most likely fall behind Trump in Florida, which would help to give Kasich momentum in the GOP nomination process. This might be exactly what he needs to stomp out Donald Trump.


Looking forward to other states

Right now, since Kasich is only 5 points behind Trump in Ohio, his campaign advisers are not going to worry about Ohio. Instead they plan to focus on their strength and time in other Midwestern states such as Illinois and Missouri. There is still time to beat Trump in Ohio, which would mean good news for getting ahead of him in other states as well. Republicans that were surveyed by Quinnipiac stated that 5% have not yet chosen a candidate, while 38% said they might change their mind on a candidate. That is a pretty decent number of people who could change from Trump to Kasich, but also could go the other way around. Kasich is rated with the highest favorability with 77% of GOP voters viewing him positively.

Right now people are talking about how Trump is going to get the Republican nomination, but there is still plenty of time. With some hard work, Kasich might be able to turn it around and begin to pull ahead of Trump, but we will just have to wait and see.