Yes, you’ve heard that right! This rumor has been confirmed to be a fact last Thursday. At an annual gathering that took place between the Ohio’s political members; Republican Matt Borges admitted to smoking marijuana.

Taking place in a room filled with the members belonging to the Ohio Associated Press, Ohio’s respective Republican and Democratic Party and other reporters belonging to various media houses, this statement instantly sent a shocking wave among everyone present there. This happened amidst a series of quirky questions, which were being asked and exchanged between Republican Matt Borges and Democrat David Pepper regarding the John Kasich’s presidential run for the Ohio government.

Such type of discussion arose as a result of the State Lawmaker’s study on medical marijuana. As they received positive results for most of the members present in the room to have been engaged in the consumption of marijuana. The distinguished guests present at the event included Democrats Sen. Joe Schiavoni of Youngstown and Rep. Fred Strahorn of Dayton, Republicans Dave Yost, Jon Husted and Mary Taylor among others.

As the discussion proceeded further, there were several others who made no admission to smoking pot. Chief among them was Democrat, David Pepper.

The winner of the fight for the present day possession over Ohio government seats primarily between Sittenfeld and Ted Strickland will move on to face GOP’s candidate, U.S. Sen. Rob Portman in November this year.

Pepper even attacked Kasich by accusing him of being endorsed by Borges and the entire Ohio Republican Party. He rubbed the fact that Kasich ranked second in New Hampshire this week, pretty well; losing to Donald Trump, who holds the reputation of not being able to keep cordial terms with the Republican establishments.

Donald Trump is currently polling at a thirty – six percent margin in South Carolina, whereas Kasich is just struggling at 2 percent. Pepper is quite pleased with the given situation.

Pepper, whose party has not yet made any endorsement for either candidate, says that it will hand the election to Bernie Sanders or Hillary Clinton.

On the other hand, Republican, Matt Borges has not been taking all this so well. After “crying like a baby for a day,” Borges finally garnered the required courage to play along with the events taking place. He started off by considering all the possibilities.

“So let’s play the hypothetical game,” Borges said. “If Donald Trump is the nominee, he’ll beat Bernie Sanders.” “I wouldn’t want to be in David’s shoes. You have to pick between the candidate under FBI investigation or the socialist,” Borges said of Clinton, a former secretary of state under investigation for using a personal email server for top-secret messages, and Sanders, an Independent Senator from Vermont.

From what’s been seen till date, both Borges and Pepper seem to be on the same page. The common concern of insufficient voters and a sense of two – party political system is completely wearing them out.