Matthew Hickey, a retired police officer in Marietta Ohio, has been fighting to keep his K-9 partner. Last month he retired from the police force and was considering taking an auxiliary position on the police force so he could still be with his dog and prevent them from auctioning off his German Shepard, Ajax in an auction.

The monetary value of the dog is between $3,500 and $4,000. Hickey said that Ajax is a family member and is one of his children. According to the Ohio law a police dog must be treated as city property and sold off when the handler leaves the police force or another handler is not there.  Ajax looks like he can have at least five or six years left in in working for the police force.

The city council had a meeting to determine what they would do for the officer. If he accepted the auxiliary position he would have a set of limited duties to do.

A GoFundMe campaign was set up for Hickley to get his dog and already raised over $70,000. The man who set up the campaign named Corey Orr said that the excess money will go to organizations that work with police dogs.

A GoFundMe campaign to help Hickey bid on Ajax had raised more than $70,000 by Wednesday morning, 20 times the department's valuation. After a lot of media reporting and spotlight on this case, the decision was reached last night.


Final Decision

For $1 Hickey took his K-9 home for the last time from the police force. After a week of scrutiny on what was going on the city council looked into the books and affirmed it through a law that allowed the officer to only pay $1 to get his partner back.

The section of the law helped them out because both the officer and dog were considered one part of a unit and since he was retiring they wouldn’t disband the unit and then allow him to keep the dog.

Matthew Hickey retired last month from the Marietta Police Department because of an injury he had gotten and he had originally believed that he would have been able to keep the dog after he retired.

Luckily the auction and possibility for working on the police role in a limited role were both surpassed by the ruling of the city council allowing him to go home with the dog for only $1.

Hickey has worked alongside Ajax for four years. A lot of good came out of this case from the GoFundMe campaign as the rest of the proceeds will go to K-9’s Inc, where the charity provides safety vests and other tools for dogs in law enforcement.  Also at the end of the day a Hickley gets to keep hanging out and caring with for man’s best friend, Ajax. This was an unexpected event that turned out to be quite helpful in many different regards all across the board.