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Gas Prices Go Up in Ohio Due to Pipeline Leak

Over recent months, gas prices have been relatively stable, allowing many people to keep their transportation expenses within their household budget. However, a recent pipeline leak in Alabama has caused an upsurge in prices in many areas of the country. If you are among those who experience increased financial pressure when gas prices rise, you may have to consider dipping into savings or car title loans to tide you over until the next payday. Fortunately, many experts feel the price increases won’t stay inflated for very long.

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Ohio Leaders Confess To Smoking Marijuana

Yes, you’ve heard that right! This rumor has been confirmed to be a fact last Thursday. At an annual gathering that took place between the Ohio’s political members; Republican Matt Borges admitted to smoking marijuana.

Taking place in a room filled with the members belonging to the Ohio Associated Press, Ohio’s respective Republican and Democratic Party and other reporters belonging to various media houses, this statement instantly sent a shocking wave among everyone present there. This happened amidst a series of quirky questions, which were being asked and exchanged between Republican Matt Borges and Democrat David Pepper regarding the John Kasich’s presidential run for the Ohio government.

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Donald Trump Leads in Ohio Primary

It has actually been very surprising that Donald Trump has been leading the Republican polls in the 2016 race for presidency. Originally, many thought that Trump was running as a joke or that he would drop out of the race, but this is clearly not the case. People are actually voting for him while there are still others who are comparing him to Hitler. Shockingly, he has been the leader in the state of Ohio, which is where nominee John Kasich is the governor. How might this effect Kasich moving forward?

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10 of 14 Ohio water systems failed to alert residents to lead on time

There are some things citizens of this country take for granted, a good water supply is definitely one of them. However, when things go wrong, the expectation is that our government will be there to help us through any issues. After all, we do pay for water, and for everything else that allows us the ability to sustain our lives. Yet for some reason, citizens in many states do not get the warnings needed about water until it is almost too late or the citizens find out first.

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Ohio Officer Gets To Keep His K-9 Partner

Matthew Hickey, a retired police officer in Marietta Ohio, has been fighting to keep his K-9 partner. Last month he retired from the police force and was considering taking an auxiliary position on the police force so he could still be with his dog and prevent them from auctioning off his German Shepard, Ajax in an auction.

The monetary value of the dog is between $3,500 and $4,000. Hickey said that Ajax is a family member and is one of his children. According to the Ohio law a police dog must be treated as city property and sold off when the handler leaves the police force or another handler is not there.  Ajax looks like he can have at least five or six years left in in working for the police force.

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